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Coming to San Francisco State University as a Hmong American from the Central Valley of California has been a life changing experience. As a graduate student in the Asian American Studies Department, I feel humbled and honored to be involved with Yellow Journal. It has been a challenging, yet, rewarding experience working alongside with the Yellow Journal advisor, members, and contributors. Each member has brought in various perspectives into this Yellow Journal, thus making it one of the best of all time.

With the drive from the editors, encouragement from the faculty, and support from the contributors, Yellow Journal has come a long way, currently at its 18th volume. This indeed, illustrates the passion and relentless effort set forth by the students and faculty of the Asian American Studies department.

In this volume, readers will find themes ranging from identity and community to comtemporary issues encountered by the current generation of Asian American students. It is significant to comprehend these issues and challenges so the necessary measures may be implemented to provide ommunities… It is my hope that the readers will find the work of this Yellow Journal valuable.

Yeng Yang


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