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For me, this Yellow Journal is like a time capsule because, as a graduating senior, it will always serve as a reminder of my time at SF State, the experiences I have had at this school, and the discussions I have had with the great people I have had the chance to meet as a student here. I see myself ten years from now picking up this journal, flipping through the pages, and thinking about these experiences. The professors at SF State, particularly those in the Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies Department, and students I have become friends with have played a major influence in my scholarly and personal maturity.

I credit the late Professor Jesus ―Chuy‖ Contreras for opening up my mind as a freshman here at SF State. He was the first to teach me about the Third World Liberation Front and their strike that took place on this campus in 1968, which has had the effect of establishing the first college of Ethnic Studies. Professor Wei Wing Dariotis helped me in my scholarly and personal maturity because, through her classes and some discussions I have had with her, she has taught me to broaden my understanding of culture, ethnicity, and politics. She has made me aware of the issues pressing Asian Americans today regarding their sexuality, mixed heritage identity, and the idea of racial and cultural hierarchy. Professor Jonathan Lee has taught me the practical and valuable skills needed to write a great research paper. He has also helped me grasp true learning and focus on asking great questions. Professor Gonzales, Ueunten, and Kano are my current professors and are all great in their own respects. Students I have met and became friends with, and those that remain supportive of me even when I get ―too philosophical‖ and become annoying, are the best people to have in the world. Without them, I would have gone nuts.

As I have said this Yellow Journal is a time capsule, I know that everyone has a story. And, all stories deserve their chance to be heard; so, I would implore all future Asian American Studies majors to get involved in the Yellow Journal. Whether you contribute your work or become part of the editorial committee, you gain the opportunity to get your voices heard. Through editing the journal or submitting your art, literature and other works you want to share, you contribute a part of yourself and your story into this time capsule, published, and let everyone else see your work. You can also look back, when you get older, and think of your college days in SF State and know you were part of that recorded history.

Lastly, I would like to thank this Yellow Journal‘s editorial committee; Jenny Chang has been a fearless organizer and personal supporter. Thanks to Joseph Domingo for staying on top of editing and keeping things lively and fun; Yeng Yang for your technical know-how and being a great friend. Kenneth Deng is responsible for keeping our work organized. And, I want to thank all the submitters who have taken the time and energy to contribute your work. Without you, this book would be a bunch of empty pages.

Marco Samson


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