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Before I start on my rant I want to say: Reading is FUN-DA-MEN-TAL, without reading – no would be able to understand the beauties/uglies of life, ALL KNOWLEDGE STEMS from READING.

Getting into the deeper context of READING, I mean … READ-ING. It‘s not the thing that you do at the library on a Saturday afternoon nor is it the latest iBook version of your favorite novel downloaded onto your iPad. It‘s the guy checking you out at Badlands in the Castro, or the girl who sits behind you in class or walking around Malcom X Plaza, or the Asian American Studies professor that feels that you should pay more attention during class. READING is the aspect of life that we do in order to put an analysis/value on. Throughout history, Asian Americans have been READ for the wrong reasons, most notably for being the ―model minority‖, driving badly, and being ranted on by a silly Caucasian student on YouTube. I believe it is OUR turn to READ society and interpret what we feel is fit.

I believe that it is in our God given destiny to READ and READ WELL! And no one should limit us on how we READ, when we READ, and what we READ. Once we have READ, we are able to fix, tackle, amend, remove, and alter the problems or issues within our own communities. In becoming a Co-Editor to the Yellow Journal – I have done a lot of READING and have been READ, as an Asian American Male and as a student. I believe that this process of compiling, writing, editing, and decision making has made me a better student and more in-tune with our Asian American Communities and our issues.

I want to thank the 2011 Yellow Journal Staff for laughing, crying, complaining, and agonizing with me in putting this journal together. Jenny – you are a Queen; let life take you in multiple directions and may it bear numerous fruits for you. Marco – Thank you for your humor! You never cease to keep me laughing and engaged. Yeng – Thanks for the insightful input into my research paper and the wealth of knowledge you have contributed to the journal. Good Luck with your Ph.D. Kenneth – you play way too much and joke at the most inappropriate times, Thanks for keeping up the humor! Wesley – Thanks a million for everything! Without you Yellow Journal would not be possible!

Furthermore, I want to thank a few associate professors who have helped me become a better student. Professor Wei Ming Dariotis; Thank You for believing in me as a student and pushing me to go above and beyond what I know and do, I will always remember how much your words have inspired me as a student. Professor Jonathan Lee; you are my hero! Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for your realness, gumption, and understanding. Your support and generosity keeps me inspired as a student and uplifts me to go further in life. Professor Grace Yoo; you have been a mother figure to me and I am greatly touched and honored to have been your student, instructional aide, and research assistant. I cherish and honor the many memories we have had throughout this school year, Thank You! Professors Russell Jeung and Mai Nhung Le – Thank you for believing in me as a student and what I stand for. Ultimately, I have accomplished greatly. Your support and advocacy have been remarkable!

Lastly, I want to thank my parents for the gift of life. I express the deepest gratitude and appreciation for your support and care. Thank You, Mom & Dad, I Love You Both.


Joseph R. Domingo


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