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I believe that Yellow Journal gives students a voice and a chance to be heard. Yellow Journal also allows students to display their creative, intellectual, and artistic side. Yellow Journal was first published in 1983 and has been continuing ever since.

I first heard of Yellow Journal when I was approached by them to submit my paper that I wrote for Wesley‘s Asians in America class. I was hesitant to give consent to Yellow Journal to use my work, because I did not believe my work was something important. But since I have joined, I slowly started believing that everyone‘s work deserves a chance to be read, because everyone has something important to say.

After allowing Yellow Journal to use my paper, Wesley asked me to join. I was hesitant to join Yellow Journal because of the lack of confidence in editing papers. But Wesley continued to encourage me to join. And I would like to thank him for that (and for being an awesome Professor) because, it has become an experience I could not find elsewhere. When I first joined, I thought to myself, what did I get myself into? There is so much work and so little time to complete everything! But slowly as I continued to work with the Yellow Journal team, I grew an attachment and new admiration for Yellow Journal and everyone‘s submissions. They have become something precious to me. These submissions are like giving a piece of themselves for the rest of the world to see and I applaud those who have courageously displayed their literary works, poems, images and art works.

Working with Yellow Journal has been a fun growing experience for me. Although, sometimes working with the Committee is a little frustrating, since we like to go off on tangents. But overall, the Committee was fun to hang with and I am glad I met each editor; you guys have touched my heart. I would like to thank Joe, Kenneth, Marco, and Yeng for providing a wonderful working experience while creating the Yellow Journal! Lastly, I would also like to thank the talented Jackie Phung for being a supportive friend of mine to so willingly create our beautiful cover on such short notice!!

Jenny Chang


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