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First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge the
contributions and struggles of the students and faculty of the 1968
Strike at SF State. We believe that without these individuals, the
College of Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies department
would not exist. We honor and cherish these noble individuals for
risking their lives for the academic and intellectual freedoms we
have today.

Also, we acknowledge the previous Yellow Journal contributors
and editing staff members for paving the way for this year‘s journal
– as an AAS institution of agency and student rapport.

Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge Professor Wesley
Ueunten for his guidance and support for the Yellow Journal 2011
Staff. We appreciate you opening up your office and other rooms
into the Ethnic Studies & Psychology Building to us. Thank you
for everything.

Since the beginning of Yellow Journal‘s existence, Becky Mou – our
AAS Department Office Manager – has been our super hero and
advocate in helping us attaining quotes and funding. Your efforts
are extraordinary!

Our deepest gratitude and honor to our graphic designer
extraodinairé, Jackie Phung. Your artistic talents have helped us
capture the essence and being of Yellow Journal. Your talents are a
treasure! Thank You!

Yellow Journal would not be complete without Raymond from
Copy Circle, our publisher. Thank you for being so
accommodating us and being so generous, especially in these harsh
economic times. We value your business with us and we hope to
continue the tradition of ―Yellow Journal + Copy Circle‖.

Last but not least our 2010-2011 AAS Department Faculty and
supporting campus organizations, Thank You!

Professor & Department Chair Lorraine Dong
Professor Wei Ming Dariotis
Professor Irene Duller
Professor Robert Fung
Professor Dan Gonzales (Gonzo)
Professor Marlon Hom
Professor Russell Jeung
Professor Betty Kano
Professor Ben Kobashigawa
Professor Mai Nhung Le
Professor Jonathan H.X. Lee
Professor Isabelle Palaud
Professor Oscar Peñaranda
Professor Valerie Soe
Professor Minh Hoa Ta
Professor Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales
Professor Jeanie Woo
Professor Grace Jeanmee Yoo
San Francisco State‘s Asian Student Union
San Francisco State‘s Associated Student Body
San Francisco State‘s College of Ethnic Studies


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