Watsonville is in the Heart

By Dioscoro R. Recio

The sun emits brilliant shades of green through apple trees across Freedom Blvd
Mother Earth tilts on her axis helping me to remember

Doors swing open to the Filipino Community hall exposing my youth
I am pulled in by all of my aunties and uncles like chloroplasts gathering sunlight
I am their Balikbayan box in an apple crate
Women caress my skin for smoothness
Men grip my arm for firmness
I am their very own

A maturing sprout amongst withered trees who have endured the winter storms
Falling to the ground as a ripe apple does exploding with feelings

of conviction and forgiveness
of silence and reverence
of shame and pride

Xylem and phloem flow through my veins
from my roots
to my core


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Filed under 2010-2011, Poems

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