My Fremont Friend

By Joseph T. Enriquez

His name is Duy Ha and he‘s full Vietnamese.
With parents originating from hardworking and traditional families.

His mother moved over after Saigon had fallen
To a Communist government that forced the lives of those around them.

The mother, forced to leave her family behind.
His father moved to the U.S. in search of a better life.
For this family, all they longed for was the American Dream
But sometimes dreams are not really as they seem.
Check it, a friend of mine since elementary school.
He lived a wholesome life with very little to do
Except, get good grades and a solid education.
His older brother Huy lived by the same rotation.
The father goes to work and plays the role of breadwinner.
The mother does the finance, cleans and cooks dinner.
―It‘s a pretty nuclear household,‖ my friend had stated.
But sometimes that kind of thinking can become overrated.
He‘s more American now rather than Vietnamese.
But still continues to worship his ancestors as he bows to his knees.

After this presentation put Duy Ha on the spot,
He hopes that hearing his story ya‘ll have learned a lot.


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