By: Joseph T. Enriquez

Through the past 10 weeks of internship Ben Paz has been teaching me,
What is the meaning of politics? Knowledge equals identity.
So many lessons and words come to my mind.
No History, No Self.
After producing all of our speak outs, identity is what I find.
Know History, Know self.
It‘s not all about the facts and dates crummy teachers have force-fed us so we can regurgitate.
It‘s about the Soma Tours, Veteranos Week, Pinayism, LGBTQQI, Little Manila and ―Standing on the shoulders of those who came before us‖ so that we can appreciate.
It‘s a thing we call Kapwa, the Filipino thang.
It‘s the shared connection between us all, a family, that makes me wanna say… dang!
I thank God for all of the friends I have been blessed, to name a few, Julz, Gerald, Arjay and Jan.
After internship I feel I can truly, confidently, with humility and my dignity, say I am a Filipino American.


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Filed under 2010-2011, Poems

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